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Can you help me out? (I have some exclusives!)

• Shipping within one week. I wrap everything securely in a new bubble mailer and bubble foil. From the Netherlands.
• I can What’s App or e-mail you pictures of every single item I am swapping.
• All oil levels are approximate.
• Please note that my ISO's are far from complete. So if you see something you want, don't hesitate to let me know!
• I have lots and lots of (rareish) testers and sniffies to frimp with, so send me your wishlist. 

Amber & Patchouli hair gloss (decant)
Butterfly Nectar bath oil (decant or partial)
Cake Smash v6 (bottle, any level)
Castitas bath oil (bottle, any level)
Coconut, Vanilla Bean & Tiare hair gloss (any amount)
Dragon's Heart (bottle, any level)
Epomophorus Monstrosus (any amount)
Gula bath oil (any amount)
Hoggle (decant)
Luxuria bath oil (any amount)
Marshmellow Poof (bottle, any level)
Morocco bath oil (any amount)
Morocco hair gloss (any amount)
Mr. Ibis (bottle, any level)
Perversion (bottle, any level)
Ruddy Daggerwing (decant)
Snake Oil (very aged bottle)
Snake Oil bath oil (any amount)
Snowblind (bottle, any level)
Strawberry Moon 2012 (decant)
TKO massage oil (any amount)
Uncle Traveling Matt (decant)
Vespertilio Proterus (any amount)
White Peacock (decant)

Bottles for swap
Arkham (2/6th)
Cykronashian Catnip (1/6th)
Ghoulish (1/6th, wandcapped) 
Hot Buttered Rum (full bottle)
Mango Lychee Champagne (full bottle)
Man with Phallus Head (full) 
Monster Bait: Closet (bottle, 1/6th)
Mother Ginger (4/6th, wandcapped)
Oak Moon (2/6th, not original bottle, wandcapped)
Paduan Killer Swarm (full) 
Pallas Athene (full, wandcapped) 
Peach Champagne (full bottle)
Pomona (1/6th) 
Pumpkin Princess (7/6th, wandcapped)
Rhinotoros (5/6th)
Sticky Pillowcase (bottle, 2/6th)
The Vine (2/6th) 
Variety of Pleasing Amusements (3/6th) 

Decants & imps for swap
#Occupy Wall Street (full) 
Amaterasu v3 (1/4th decant)
Body, Remember (1/4th) 
Cairo (3/4th) 
Caligula (full imp)
Dido v1 (3/4th) 
Ecstatic Revelry (1/4th) 
Empyreal Mist (3/4th imp)
Hot Buttered Rum (2/4th decant)
Jack (full) 
Kagema (2/4th) 
Leather Phoenix (full decant)
Honey Gingerbread (3/4th imp)
Neo-Tokyo (3/4th imp)
Nine Mysteries (2/4th imp)
Pumpkin Hard Candy (3/4th imp)
Sonnet D’Automne (1/4th) 
Sonnet D’Automne (full) 
Utrennyaya (3/4th) 
Velvet (full) 
Wezwanie Hold (full decant)

Black Phoenix Trading Post for swap
Alchemical Laboratory atmo spray (goblin squirt, 80% full) 
Candied Pumpkin perfume oil (full decant) 
Gooey Pillowcase atmo spray (doublesized squirt, 80% full)
Rappaccini’s Greenhouse atmo spray (goblin squirt, full)
Sojourn Down the Midway atmo spray (goblin squirt, 80% full)

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pallas athene please please please
Buy or swap ;-)?
I sent you an internal message regarding your wish list what I had to offer. I like buying but will swap if my offerings please you :)
I would be interested in trying to lure away your Hot Buttered Rum (some/all) bottle.
I could offer decants of
Castitas bath oil (bottle, any level)
Gula bath oil (any amount)
Ruddy Daggerwing (decant)
Strawberry Moon 2012 (decant)
TKO massage oil (any amount)

(the TKO +Castitas volume could be flexible).
(and I do have more swappable things @
Let me know if these are of interest,

Hello dear,

Would you be willing to buy it for $35 including shipping?
I'd love to swap but I need to raise a big sum of money for travel.
Let me know!


Would you still be interested in HBR?
I'd like to swap...

Well, I have my own bottle of HBR now, so I am good on that score.
I wouldn't mind a similar swap for something else, possibly Peach Champagne?
I now have wee bottles on hand, so I can be a bit more flexible on volumes of the TKO or Castitas if you are game :)

Peach Champagne is gone, but I have a 99% up to date list here:

I'd like to know about the things you are interested in, so we can work something out :).
Hello - how aged are you looking for the Snake Oil to be? I have an esentially full bottle that's just shy of a year. I keep waiting for it to turn into something that smells nice on my skin like it seems to for so many, but I think I may have to start resigning myself! :)

I am looking for Snake Oil that's more around the 3 years mark. But, maybe we can work something out. What would you want for it?

Three years? wow! :)

To be honest, I have no idea what is the going thing for a full bottle, I've never come on to swap before. I have my one scent and have never looked around at exchanging - it's like a foreign land here!


August 1 2012, 13:42:57 UTC 4 years ago

is the Pallas athene gone? I have run out of mine and didn't realize how much i missed it.
Yes, it's gone. I'm sorry.
I have nothing in your ISO list to trade for it, but all I am collecting these days is Empyreal Mist and Numb (my fave BPAL scents). How much for just the 3/4 imp of Empyreal Mist (if still available)? Thanks!
That would be $8 to please. =)
Thank you! Xx
Sent, thanks!
Oh my god. I think I messed up. I might have sent you Tin Foil Hat instead of Impereal Mist! =( I'll check when I get home. If it's the case, I'll send you your imp and you can keep the other. Xxx
Yup, an imp of Tin Foil Hat just showed up in my mailbox, and boy does it stink. *lol* I will let you know when Empyreal Mist arrives, thanks! =D
Lolz.. maybe pass it on to somebody that will love it, it's a pretty popular scent for some.
It's here! Let me know if you run across anymore Empyreal Mist you don't want, thanks! \o/
You're welcome!
Wanna leave eachother feedback? Where can I find you?
I'm Babypopje on .org...