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ISO Black Opal...Much to swap!


I've accumulated a fair bit of BPAL that are just not getting enough love from me, so it's time to find them some new homes!

Shipping is small flat rate $5.15 (small flat rate box) to anywhere in
the US and I do frimp and add generous bath & Body samples! I accept

*To be fair, I will only hold items for 24 hrs if payment has not been received before items are re-listed*

My DISO's are:

An.tique La.ce
MB: Unde.rpants

please keep it to a minimum of a 10 imp lot to make
the shipping worthwhile! Oils with prices next to them I will sell or
swap, Items designated with * Means SWAP ONLY for ISO's found

Bottles - GC: $15.00 each, or make a Swap offer!

Bliss 2012 - Full to neck

The Black Tower 2012 - Full to shoulder

Bottles LE/Disontinued/Salon/Event exclusives (5ml) - $22 Each or make a swap offer!

L'Essence Du Coeur Libere des Tenebres Extrait '12 - Full - BPTP exclusive

White chocolate Strawberry 2009 - Full to TOL - Lupercalia

Occupy Wallstreet 2012 - Full to TOL - LE event

Mead Moon 2008 - full to TOL - Lunacy

a Narrow Opening 2012 - Full to shoulder - Lupercalia/Shungas

OCYL bottles full 5ml - $12 each

Summer Crush - Haunt - Full

Demter Fragrances 0.5oz "Splash" - $4.00 each (all are 100% full!)

Holy water

Frozen Pond


GC Imps - $1.00 each, full GC or 1/2 decant LE - Choose a LOT of 10 for $10.00

Suck it 2012 (WEENIES) - 1/2 decant

Mariposita 2012 (weenies) - 1/2 decant

Wretched rose window 2012 (weenies) - 1/2 decant

sugar skull 2012 (weenies) - 1/2 decant

Ehecatl - GC

Epitaph - GC

Blood Rose - GC

Slobbering Pine - GC

Seance - GC

Paris - GC

Goblin Squirts (FULL) BPTP Atmo sprays: - $2.00


Unspeakably evil temple
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