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Hi everyone!  

There is a lot of stuff I'm looking for, but I only have a short list of swappables. Incidentally I make jewelry and have a huge backstock without homes.  So I offer the imps I have in trade as well as my jewelry (this is not promotion; I would just love if they'd find homes in exchange for something I want).  Anything in this "Still for Sale" folder on my DA page is up for trade: (there are two pages).

Here are the imps I do have to swap:
Odin (about 1/2)
Manila (tried only once)
Black Annis (tired only once)
Sarah (decant, tried once)
Thanatos (tried once)
Y'Ha-Nthlei (about 1/2)
Black Pearl (about 1/2)

What I'm looking for:

Any amount (bottles/imps/decants).  Stuff I've starred is of particular interest:

Black Lily*, La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente*, Dragon's Tears*, The Deep Ones*, Pele*, Fallen*, Aelopile, Ophelia*, Rage*, The Great Sword of War*, The Antikythera Mechanism, Nosferatu, Lampades, Lust*, Sacred Whore of Babylon*, Szepasszony*, Penthus*, Glitter*, Satan and Death with Sin Intervening*, Asphodel*, Delirium, Greed, Burial, The Pool of Tears, Lurid*, The Red Queen, Chimera

Imps or Decants:

Antony, Amsterdam, Dragon's Heart, Haunted, Strangler Fig, Jailbait, Kumari Kandam, Night-Gaunt, High John the Conqueror, The Sailing Stones of Death Valley, Purple Phoenix, Midnight, The Darkling Thrush, Yuki-Onna, Autumn, Anathema, Dorian*, Blood Amber*, Hymn to Proserpine*, Black Opal*, Blood Rose*, Phantom Calliope*, Thalassa: The Galapagos Mermaid*, Snow White*, Pink Snowballs, Sri Lanka, Mist and Moonlight, Morocco, Black Lotus, The Haunted Palace, Tavern of Hell, Lyonesse

Will trade in the US or overseas.
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