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Apr. 15th, 2012



Looking to swap for some Shungas and others

Hello, fellow scent fiends! I plan to place a Lab order this evening, but I wanted to check here first, to see if I can save a little cash by swapping for some items instead. The bottles I'm looking for are Before the Snowy Window, Blooming Rose, Lady in a Speckled Pink Kimono, Mischievous Spirit, Poisson d'Avril 2012 (if anyone has it yet), and Chokecherry Honey, and my enormous pile of swappables is over here.

I'm also open to swap offers for items from my huuuuuuge wish list. Thanks for looking!

ETA: The order has been placed, but if you'd like to arrange a swap for something on my wish list, let me know!
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Mar. 29th, 2012

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Desperately ISO Thalassa, the Galapagos Mermaid

I'm getting married in about a week and a half, and I want to wear this scent! Please email me it you can help: venus[dot]mantrap[at]gmail.com

Thank you!!

Desperately ISO Thalassa, the Galapagos Mermaid
DISO, ISO, BPAL, Thalassa

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Mar. 24th, 2012



Hi everyone!

I have the following imps to swap:

German Expressionist Horror
Rose Cross
Odin (1/2)
Shattered (tiny bit, but enough to give an idea)

I am ISO the following (in any amount):

La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente
Dragon's Tears
Blood Amber
The Deep Ones
Tavern of Hell
Satan and Death With Sin Intervening
The Great Sword of War
The Antikythera Mechanism
Black Lily
The Red Queen
Black Opal
Blood Rose
Snow Queen
Dragon's Heart
Strangler Fig
Bon Vivant
Black Annis
Kumari Kandam
High John the Conqueror
Wolf's Heart
The Sailing Stones of Death Valley
Purple Phoenix
The Darkling Thrush

Please note me if you're interested in trading anything.


Mar. 15th, 2012



Six Imps to Swap


I have six frimps to swap. All were opened once, used once.

What I have:

Against Idleness and Mischief


Baron Samedi

The Raven



What I am looking for:

Light, non floral scents; foody scents; Jack (the pumpkin one); green scents; anything really.


Mar. 10th, 2012



cleaning out a few things

I purchased a couple of limited edition bottles this winter that do not work for me, so I thought I'd try here to see if anyone wants them and might have something that does work to trade with me. I'm open to trading bottles or a few imps, not very picky just trying to clear out space.

I have:
Egg Nog 2011 - full
Autumn Cider 2011 - just a little below the shoulder, it splashed once :(

Things I know I'd like: Tempest, Perversion, Calico Jack, Jolly Roger, Mary Read, The White Rider, RPG: Fighter, Galvanic Goggles

I have a much more extensive list of things I'd like to try here: Wishlist. There's a good chance if it has sandalwood, leather or "old book" scent I'd be interested.

Also, as long as I'm making this post I do have a handful of general catalog imps that I'd be willing to trade, all mostly full: Tavern of Hell, Faustus, Euterpe, The Red Queen, Baobhan Sith, Jezirat al Tennyn, Cthulu, Kostnice, Eternal, Muse, and Squirting Cucumber.

Feb. 27th, 2012


trying to narrow down my collection!

Most of my bottles have been in with me for at last a couple of years so would have aged nicely but would perhaps have a bit of wear on the labels. I am willing to trade a few for one bottle depending on how full it is.

I am searcing for:
Vixen (!!!) bottle
Gingerbread Poppet
Wolf Moon

(And anything similar to those... I think I would love all spicy S.O. blends)

I have the following bottles with approximate oil levels:
Alice .. just below top of the label
All Souls about an imps worth left
Antique Lace 70%
Blood Amber 50%
Drink Me 25%
Gennivre (Carnival Diobolique) a little below the top of the label
Knecht Ruprecht 2006 40%
O large cobal bottle, just under half full.. label is a little bit dirty
Queen of Clubs (cobalt) x2 one it emtpy the other has a dribble left.
Marie.. filled to the top of the label
Morroco 30%

I also have lots of mac pigment and eyeshadow which I don't use often, so try me :)

I am located in Germany.
Hope I hear from someone! DESPERATE for Vixen :P

Feb. 19th, 2012



Looking for SCORPIO for a friend...

A friend of mine is currently deployed overseas and he only recently let me in on the fact that he is strongly driven by scent. I naturally sent him to the BPAL website and now the man is desperately seeking SCORPIO to gift to his wife (yes she is a Scorpio and really into tracking their zodiacs). This would be such an amazing gift if he could track some down. Could you imagine opening a wonderfully smelling box from your Love on the other side of the world?! Thus far her only exposure to BPAL is the first time she and I met and she hugged me and declared that I was the best scented woman ever... so I had to tell her my secret... SMUT. ;-)

SO anyways... does anyone have any SCORPIO they would be willing to trade or sell to my friend?! Please PM me if so and I would be more than happy to give introductions!

Thanks, MagickalMom
e-mail: ThintasticSpirit at gmail dot com

*passionate addict of SMUT*

Jan. 15th, 2012

LYNCH: scotch tape is difficult. :(


iso: beautiful and adored and some others.

Though specifically looking for Beautiful and Adored (I'll pay for this one, as well!), I will also swap for the following:

Aizen-Myoo, Diary of a Lovestruck Teenage Cannibal, Dorian, Embalming Fluid, Fairy Market, The Girl (imp in bottle or more!), Hecate, Hellcat, Heroine, Katharina, Lady Una, The Oval Portrait, Penny Dreadful, Titania, and Very Slightly Haunted Dollhouse. At least half full, please!

Good Cheer Atmo Spray (2+oz), Ice Princess Bath Oil (2+oz), Konditorei (2+oz), and The Storyteller's Parlor (2+oz), Snow White Atmo Spray or Bath Oil (1+oz).

In conjunction with a swap, I'd really like to try these in imps/decants (just enough to test): Avenger, The East, Fae, Fairy Wine, Haloes, Harlequin, Helena, Hermia, Juke Joint, The King's Daughter, Kitsune-Tsuki, Kumiho, Lady Amalthea, Last Unicorn, Liz, Lot and His Daughters, Maenad, Magic Do As You Will, Molly Grue, Moonshine and Mist, Mouse's Long And Sad Tale, Oberon, Scheherazade, Schlafende Baigneuse, Tamora, Three Brides, Three Witches, and Victoria. I will also take imps of Very Slightly Haunted Dollhouse and possibly The Girl and Fairy Market. :)

Arkham Revisited (Springtime in Arkham 2005), full to shoulder
Australian Copperhead (CD), full past shoulder
Blooddrop: At Denny's After Rocky, full into neck
Clemence (CD), to shoulder with a slight dip
Cobalt Blends: Solstice Aurora (sparkling green tea with radiant glimmers of violet candy and a frisson of linden lightly blended over a plush blanket of creamy snow. Serendipitous and subtly intoxicating), full to top of label
Couple Engaged in Lovemaking, 25% full
Epistrophia, full to shoulder
Faith (CD), lab full A BIT PICKY
Fire Eater (Carnival Noir 2005), full to top of label
Ghastly Garden, about 60% full
Giallo (Dark Delicacies), full to shoulder with a slight dip
Good Judy: Creepy Clown, full
Good Judy: Mariposa, full
Green Apple of Venus, about 1/3
Haunt: Mummers and Mince soap, half bar (unused and with original packaging)
Hell's Belle (old style label), just under shoulder/above top of label
The Hesperides, full to shoulder with a slight dip PICKY
The House (Dark Delicacies), to shoulder with a slight dip
I Married a Vampire From Planet X (Dark Delicacies), full to shoulder A BIT PICKY
Illustrated Woman (CD), full to shoulder with slight dip
Isaac the Living Skeleton (CD), about 80% full (unused & cleanly decanted from)
Jonathan Harker, full to shoulder
Leather Phoenix, lab full PICKY
Ligeia (Into the Maelstrom), about 2/3 full
Morpho, full to shoulder with dip
The Second of Three Spirits, about 25% full
Spirits of the Dead (cobalt bottle), about 60% full
Usher (Into the Maelstrom), about 80% full
Villainess: Ingrate soap, new & unused

Dec. 18th, 2011


Come and swap with me!

* Oil levels are estimated. I can take pictures upon request.
* I try to give information as accurately as I can. If you still have any questions, just ask!
* I have feedback on BPAL.org as Babypopje.
* I ship from the Netherlands to anywhere in the world!
* I don't use DC most of the times, because it is very expensive. I would consider doing so if it's a big swap or it has rares in it.
* I frimp with random stuff, if I can, such as imps, samples, tea, candy and postcards. Please say so if you are allergic to anything!
* I try to ship the package out within one week, and keep you up to date as much as I can.
* Imps & decants can be in various conditions. Just ask if you want to know.
* Everything is full unless noted. * I am also swapping some MAC stuff that I own. If you are curious, you know where the PM-button is!
* I gladly swap for decant circle spots, custom orders, you name it!

Picky swaps (try me, but I'd love some Quincey Morris, Marshmellow Poof or Pinched with Four Aces)
Banshee Beat (decant)
Celeste (decant)
Hearth 2004 (bottle, 85%)
IXHV4 (decant)
Pink Phoenix (decant, 70% full)
Pussy (decant)
Zombie Apocalypse v4 (decant)

#Occupy Wall Street (@ base of neck)
Bread & Butterfly (35%)
Man with Phallus Head (@ shoulder)
Sticky Pillowcase (1/3)

Limited Edition & prototype decants (full unless noted)
Andreiphontes (50% full)
Araw Ng Mga Patay
Blue Pumpkin Floss (50% full)
Boo 2010 (50% full)
Brood Xix (from my bottle)
Devil's Night 2011
Dido v1 (75% full)
Enkhespalos (50% full)
Marshmellow Pumpkin (50% full)
Milk Moon 2007 (from my bottle)
Monsieur Petitbled's Frivolous Wheeled Footwear (70% full)
Mother Ginger (from my bottle)
Pallas Athene (from my bottle)
Pomona (from my bottle)
Pumpkin IV 2009 (75% full)
Pumpkin Princess
Sprinklecake (from my bottle)
Rhinotoros (from my bottle)

BPTP (all picky swaps)
Gooey Pillowcase (double-sized goblin squirt decant, 75% full)
Rappaccini's Greenhouse II proto atmo spray keychain (full)
Snow White atmo spray (1/2 or 1oz decant)
Sojourn Down the Midway atmo spray keychain (70% full)

General Catalogue imps (full unless noted)
Arkham (decant from my bottle)
Black Moon (75% full)
Bohun Upas 
Cairo (75% full)
Jabberwocky (75% full)
O (from my bottle)
Schrodinger's Cat (75% full)
Shoggoth (75% full)
Sudha Segara
Utrennyaya (75% full)

Sniffies & testers (please ask for fullness/testability)
Banshee Beat
Beaver'Versary x2
Boo 2009
Comforting Plush Companion
Detestable Putrescence
Monster Bait: Closet
Obatala (aged)
Sugar Cookie 2004
The Hag
The Queen's Croquet Ground atmo spray
Womb Furie 2010 x2

Other E-Tailers
Haus of Gloi Peaches and Cream (imp, full)
MMU Cotton Candy (tester)
Moonalisa Midnight Orchard (decant, full)
Moonalisa Ubrae (decant, full)
Possets Giddy (imp, full)
Possets New England (imp, 65%)
Possets Sticky Gooey Buckeyes (imp, full)
Starring Fragrances The Triple Threat (mini-spritzer, 50%)
Woobie Bath Day at the Spa (imp, full)
Woobie Red Lace (bottle, full)

Dec. 14th, 2011



Looking to Swap - I have Hot Buttered Rum 4 Puddin' Scents or

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