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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Swaps

Bpal Swaps
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This is a community for the Bpal addicts to swap their imps, decants and bottles.

- This community is ONLY for Bpal swaps. No reviews, sales, or any other Bpal-type post will be allowed and will be deleted.
- If you make a post ASKING for a scent, please make sure that you have something to SWAP for it.
- If you complete a swap, please post a comment in the original post that you have indeed received/shipped/whatevered the package. The original poster will receive the email, and it'll keep the unneccessary posts to a minimum.
- The maintainers are not here to settle any disputes. This isn't Ebay. Swap at your own risk.
- Other items are allowed, but please make sure your post is mostly BPAL oils, or the crafts/etc are BPAL-centred.

You can post your wishlists in bpal_wishlists and link them to posts here.

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For swapping overseas -- uk_bpal_swaps and aussie_bpal
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