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Jan. 23rd, 2014

blazing sky


Steamworks ISO

Anyone have Antikythera Mechanism (bottle, preferably), Phoenix Steamworks, or No. 93 Engine? Thanks in advance!

Jun. 7th, 2013



Still around?

I was wondering if this comm is still used for selling? I have a considerably aged stash (2008 or so) I was considering offloading.

Mar. 20th, 2013


DISO Snake pit or Womb furie

I search any snake pit scent and any year of womb furie.

Things I have to swap:

Vampire Bride 2011 (cleanly tested once)
Egg Nogg 2011 (cleanly tested once)Extremely full
Berry Moon 2011 (cleanly used twice)
A game of yes and no (used once)
Flower Moon 2009 (used a couple of times)
13 (red label) 2011 (cleanly tested once)
13 (green label) 2008 (cleanly tested once)
Blackbear Moon 2012 (Never used backup)
General Cataloge Imps (all tested once) :
The Death-Horse
Black Tower
Death on a pale horse
Mad Hatter
The Apple of Sodom
Rare LE decants:
13 hours
Fairy Bite
Tanuki no yudachi
Tanuki no kanban
The Vine
Loosening of the obi
Flowering Chrysanthemums
Cheshire Moon 2008
Rare half decants:
Pink Lace (decant label stained)
Mourning Lace (decant label stained)
L'eau de L'ardeur Bath Oil 1 oz
L'eau de la Folie Bath Oil 1 oz
Egg Nog Bath Oil about 2 oz
Ice Princess Bath Oil 2 oz
Spider Silk Bath Oil 1 oz
Torn Candy Bag Bath Oil 1 oz
Coconut, Vanilla Bean and Tiare Hairgloss 3/4 left from 1 oz
Lady Boy Sample bottle (tried once)
Make Up (all just swatched)
Urban Decay Blush in Fetish
Kose Eyeshadow quad in green
The Body Shop Blush Trio in Cool Dusk
The Body Shop Baked Eye Color in Starlight
The Body Shop Eyeshadow Trio Moonlight Lustre

Jan. 13th, 2013



Hi everyone!  

There is a lot of stuff I'm looking for, but I only have a short list of swappables. Incidentally I make jewelry and have a huge backstock without homes.  So I offer the imps I have in trade as well as my jewelry (this is not promotion; I would just love if they'd find homes in exchange for something I want).  Anything in this "Still for Sale" folder on my DA page is up for trade:  http://balthasarcraft.deviantart.com/gallery/33773983 (there are two pages).

Here are the imps I do have to swap:
Odin (about 1/2)
Manila (tried only once)
Black Annis (tired only once)
Sarah (decant, tried once)
Thanatos (tried once)
Y'Ha-Nthlei (about 1/2)
Black Pearl (about 1/2)

What I'm looking for:

Any amount (bottles/imps/decants).  Stuff I've starred is of particular interest:

Black Lily*, La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente*, Dragon's Tears*, The Deep Ones*, Pele*, Fallen*, Aelopile, Ophelia*, Rage*, The Great Sword of War*, The Antikythera Mechanism, Nosferatu, Lampades, Lust*, Sacred Whore of Babylon*, Szepasszony*, Penthus*, Glitter*, Satan and Death with Sin Intervening*, Asphodel*, Delirium, Greed, Burial, The Pool of Tears, Lurid*, The Red Queen, Chimera

Imps or Decants:

Antony, Amsterdam, Dragon's Heart, Haunted, Strangler Fig, Jailbait, Kumari Kandam, Night-Gaunt, High John the Conqueror, The Sailing Stones of Death Valley, Purple Phoenix, Midnight, The Darkling Thrush, Yuki-Onna, Autumn, Anathema, Dorian*, Blood Amber*, Hymn to Proserpine*, Black Opal*, Blood Rose*, Phantom Calliope*, Thalassa: The Galapagos Mermaid*, Snow White*, Pink Snowballs, Sri Lanka, Mist and Moonlight, Morocco, Black Lotus, The Haunted Palace, Tavern of Hell, Lyonesse

Will trade in the US or overseas.

Dec. 9th, 2012



My Hellfire or discontinued Midnight for your 2012 Weenie/Yule

I have bottles of MIDNIGHT (discontinued 11/12/2010) and HELLFIRE (the current formula) available. 

Ars Moriendi
An ethereal bouquet of night-blooming flowers. Evening primrose, ruellia, flowering nicotiana, wild petunia, panani-o-kai, night phlox, night gladiolus, moonflower and the elusive scent of Nottingham Catchfly.
Full to 4mm below shoulder.

Sin and Salvation
A scent celebrating Sir Francis Dashwood's Order of the Knights of St. Francis of Wycombe, also known as the Hellfire Club. A swirl of pipe tobacco, hot leather, ambergris, dark musk and the lingering incense smoke from their Black Mass.
Full to 2mm below shoulder.

I'm interested in receiving any of the following 2012 LEs. If you bought it and hated it, please take a look! :) 
- Krampus
- Rose Red
- Talvikuu
- Peacock Queen
- Bly 

Dec. 5th, 2012



ISO Black Opal...Much to swap!


I've accumulated a fair bit of BPAL that are just not getting enough love from me, so it's time to find them some new homes!

Shipping is small flat rate $5.15 (small flat rate box) to anywhere in
the US and I do frimp and add generous bath & Body samples! I accept

*To be fair, I will only hold items for 24 hrs if payment has not been received before items are re-listed*

My DISO's are:

Bl.ack Op.al
An.tique La.ce
MB: Unde.rpants

please keep it to a minimum of a 10 imp lot to make
the shipping worthwhile! Oils with prices next to them I will sell or
swap, Items designated with * Means SWAP ONLY for ISO's found

Bottles - GC: $15.00 each, or make a Swap offer!

Bliss 2012 - Full to neck

The Black Tower 2012 - Full to shoulder

Bottles LE/Disontinued/Salon/Event exclusives (5ml) - $22 Each or make a swap offer!

L'Essence Du Coeur Libere des Tenebres Extrait '12 - Full - BPTP exclusive

White chocolate Strawberry 2009 - Full to TOL - Lupercalia

Occupy Wallstreet 2012 - Full to TOL - LE event

Mead Moon 2008 - full to TOL - Lunacy

a Narrow Opening 2012 - Full to shoulder - Lupercalia/Shungas

OCYL bottles full 5ml - $12 each

Summer Crush - Haunt - Full

Demter Fragrances 0.5oz "Splash" - $4.00 each (all are 100% full!)

Holy water

Frozen Pond


GC Imps - $1.00 each, full GC or 1/2 decant LE - Choose a LOT of 10 for $10.00

Suck it 2012 (WEENIES) - 1/2 decant

Mariposita 2012 (weenies) - 1/2 decant

Wretched rose window 2012 (weenies) - 1/2 decant

sugar skull 2012 (weenies) - 1/2 decant

Ehecatl - GC

Epitaph - GC

Blood Rose - GC

Slobbering Pine - GC

Seance - GC

Paris - GC

Goblin Squirts (FULL) BPTP Atmo sprays: - $2.00


Unspeakably evil temple

Nov. 28th, 2012


Wren's BPAL Swaplist of Dooooom!!!

Hi all! Let's make some swaps! I'm super excited to round out my burgeoning collection of BPAL's wonderosity.

You can find my feedback at bpal.org with the same username (Wren12).

I can trade up or down (i.e. 5ml for 5ml, some imps for a 5ml, and vice verse).

I ship in bubble mailers, with liberal bubble wrappage, electrical tape and fun surprises (who doesn't love surprise frimps???) I ship via USPS with tracking numbers!

Please let me know if you're interested, I'm super easy going.

I do have 2 dogs, but they haven't figured out how to open the perfume cabinet yet! All bottles are stored in a cool, enclosed place (either a wooden cabinet or an opaque ammo box.)

LE's I can decant from...(I use new pipettes and vials and decant in a clean environment!) (*'s mean I'll be pickier with what I'd like to get for them.)

13 (Green and Blue Tentacle/Vine label)
A Blade of Grass
Autumn and Winter
Chaos Theory Recursive Similarity C11
Chaotic V3 *
Crowley 09 *
Dorian V3
Dragon’s Milk
Embalming Fluid
Glitter **
Lick it One More Time 2007 *
Milk Moon 5/07
Playing with Dangerous Toys 2 (Bubblegum and citrus)
Poisoned Apple V2 *
Pomona 2012
Strawberry Moon 6/2009 *
Sugar Cookie 2011
Tonuki No Hikifune
White Chocolate, Black Raspberry and Apricot Cordial Truffle *

5mls for swappage....
Blood Moon 10/08 (TOL)
Champagne and Opium (full to shoulder)
Lady Una (~1/2)
Miskatonic University (cleanly tested once)
Monster Bait: Bigger Creatures (full to shoulder)
Samhain 2012 (cleanly tested once)

Imps for swap-ey fun! (most at least 2/3 full, labels are slightly rolled as they're stared in an ammo case)#20 Love Oik
Antony x2
Belle Epoque
Chained Phantoms
Cross Roads
Fallen Angels in Hell
Golden Priapus
Has No Hanna
Imperious Tiger-Lily
Laurel Honey
Les Fleures de Mal
Marquise de Marteuil
Opium Poppy
O x2
Santa Muerte
The Coiled Serpent
The Raven
The Reaper and the Flowers
Velvet *
Yew Tree

Conjure Oils

Devilish 2009

I Smell Good


Looking forward to some swapping good times!!!

Sep. 15th, 2012



That smell... this is Antivan leather, isn't it? I would know that anywhere!

I think I'm about due to cast my net here a second time and see if anyone is interested in swapping. My "inventory" might change but one thing stays the same: my fixation on all things leather. Specifically, I'm looking for De Sade, along with some of the other usual suspects (Lord Ruthven, Brom Bones, Geburah, etc), so if you have one of my dearly beloved, let us have a conversation which may be profitable to us both (as I am not opposed, depending on the blend, to abusing my credit card, either, although my preference is swapping).

Feel free to peruse my lists here, and contact me if you spy anything of interest.

Jun. 4th, 2012


Can you help me out? (I have some exclusives!)

• Shipping within one week. I wrap everything securely in a new bubble mailer and bubble foil. From the Netherlands.
• I can What’s App or e-mail you pictures of every single item I am swapping.
• All oil levels are approximate.
• Please note that my ISO's are far from complete. So if you see something you want, don't hesitate to let me know!
• I have lots and lots of (rareish) testers and sniffies to frimp with, so send me your wishlist. 

Amber & Patchouli hair gloss (decant)
Butterfly Nectar bath oil (decant or partial)
Cake Smash v6 (bottle, any level)
Castitas bath oil (bottle, any level)
Coconut, Vanilla Bean & Tiare hair gloss (any amount)
Dragon's Heart (bottle, any level)
Epomophorus Monstrosus (any amount)
Gula bath oil (any amount)
Hoggle (decant)
Luxuria bath oil (any amount)
Marshmellow Poof (bottle, any level)
Morocco bath oil (any amount)
Morocco hair gloss (any amount)
Mr. Ibis (bottle, any level)
Perversion (bottle, any level)
Ruddy Daggerwing (decant)
Snake Oil (very aged bottle)
Snake Oil bath oil (any amount)
Snowblind (bottle, any level)
Strawberry Moon 2012 (decant)
TKO massage oil (any amount)
Uncle Traveling Matt (decant)
Vespertilio Proterus (any amount)
White Peacock (decant)

Bottles for swap
Arkham (2/6th)
Cykronashian Catnip (1/6th)
Ghoulish (1/6th, wandcapped) 
Hot Buttered Rum (full bottle)
Mango Lychee Champagne (full bottle)
Man with Phallus Head (full) 
Monster Bait: Closet (bottle, 1/6th)
Mother Ginger (4/6th, wandcapped)
Oak Moon (2/6th, not original bottle, wandcapped)
Paduan Killer Swarm (full) 
Pallas Athene (full, wandcapped) 
Peach Champagne (full bottle)
Pomona (1/6th) 
Pumpkin Princess (7/6th, wandcapped)
Rhinotoros (5/6th)
Sticky Pillowcase (bottle, 2/6th)
The Vine (2/6th) 
Variety of Pleasing Amusements (3/6th) 

Decants & imps for swap
#Occupy Wall Street (full) 
Amaterasu v3 (1/4th decant)
Body, Remember (1/4th) 
Cairo (3/4th) 
Caligula (full imp)
Dido v1 (3/4th) 
Ecstatic Revelry (1/4th) 
Empyreal Mist (3/4th imp)
Hot Buttered Rum (2/4th decant)
Jack (full) 
Kagema (2/4th) 
Leather Phoenix (full decant)
Honey Gingerbread (3/4th imp)
Neo-Tokyo (3/4th imp)
Nine Mysteries (2/4th imp)
Pumpkin Hard Candy (3/4th imp)
Sonnet D’Automne (1/4th) 
Sonnet D’Automne (full) 
Utrennyaya (3/4th) 
Velvet (full) 
Wezwanie Hold (full decant)

Black Phoenix Trading Post for swap
Alchemical Laboratory atmo spray (goblin squirt, 80% full) 
Candied Pumpkin perfume oil (full decant) 
Gooey Pillowcase atmo spray (doublesized squirt, 80% full)
Rappaccini’s Greenhouse atmo spray (goblin squirt, full)
Sojourn Down the Midway atmo spray (goblin squirt, 80% full)

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Apr. 22nd, 2012

Death Says Hello


Eager to Swap!

Here's what I have (full imps unless noted):

The Apple of Sodom
Baron Samedi
Black Pearl
The Hesperides
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat
Wing of Azrael (partial)

I really just want to try new scents, so I'm open to swap for almost anything. Most patchouli and boozy scents go bad on me, though.

I'm most interested in singling out a good scent for my wedding, so if you have any of the following, I'd be willing to do a two-for-one deal, or trade a full imp for your low bottle or smellies:

Queen Alice
Silk Road
Snooty Rose

I want to get rid of these imps that aren't getting any love, and get some new ones in, so please make an offer! :)

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